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MOTH Live Entertainment creates live stage shows designed to connect with audiences of all ages.  Our philosophy is simple, create shows that people understand, evoke an emotional response, and bring it to life through movement and music. 
We are not just creators but find inspiration as patrons of the arts. Inspired by the choreography of Broadway, the grand spectacle of the Circus, and iconic concerts that have defined history.  These classical institutions are the foundation of MOTH and help guide our artistic vision.  


Our History

An overnight success, 14 years in the making…
MOTH Live Entertainment was created in 2009 by Deena Marcum Selko, the company’s Artistic Director.   MOTH stands for Movement Of The Heart.  The vision was to bring beauty, sophistication, and storytelling to audiences of all ages. 
Since inception, MOTH has created a variety of live stage shows of grand scale that include performers, creatives, collaborators, and technical staff from around the globe.  MOTH believes in working exclusively with world class talent, from all genres of live performance, to give the audience an experience they will not forget. 
No detail is too small, that’s where the magic happens...

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