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July 28-29, 2023

Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts

What's What


Based on the book,

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,

Written by Lewis Carroll


Conceived and Directed by Deena Marcum Selko

Composed by Quentin Chiappetta

Dance Choreographed by Alexa Struss


Production/Stage Manager

Mia Caress


Head Rigger

Jeff Staton


Lighting Designer

Becky McCarthy


Set Designer

Ryan Howell


Costume Designer/Fabricator

Gena Shvarstman Cristiani
Diana Susanto
New Moon


Rehearsal Director/Assistant

Eric Prather


MOTH Live Entertainment:


Executive Producer

Gabriel Selko


Artistic Director

Deena Marcum Selko



John Regna, World Entertainment


Responsible Agent

Raymond Barry


Show Order

Act 1

Scene 1: Opening - Alice and Sister
English Lyrics | Spanish Lyrics


Scene 2: The White Rabbit - Alice and The White Rabbit


Scene 3: Eat Me, Drink Me - Alice


Scene 4: Sea of Tears - Alice, The Mouse, Eagle, Mock Turtle, Prima and Pepper
English Lyrics |
Spanish Lyrics


Scene 5: The Caucus Race - Alice, Dodo, Eagle, Mock Turtle, Bill the Lizard, Flamingo, Duck and Hedgehog


Scene 6: Bill the Lizard - Bill The Lizard, White Rabbit, Dodo, Eagle


Scene 7: Who Are You - Caterpillars & Alice
English Lyrics |
Spanish Lyrics


Scene 8: A Curious Cat - Cheshire Cat, Alice


Act 2

Entré Act: A Lobster Quadrille - Featuring Prima, and Pepper
English Lyrics |
Spanish Lyrics


Scene 1: The Tea Party - Mad Hatter, Alice, March Hare, Dormouse, Dodo, Eagle


Scene 2: The Roses - Roses, King/Hatter, and Alice


Scene 3: The Queens Solo - Queen of Hearts, Alice, and All
English Lyrics |
Spanish Lyrics


Scene 4: The Croquet Game - All


Scene 5: Beautiful Soup - The Gryphon, Mock Turtle, and Alice

English Lyrics | Spanish Lyrics


Scene 6: Who Stole the Tarts - All


Scene 7: A lovely Waltz - White Rabbit & Alice
English Lyrics |
Spanish Lyrics


Scene 8: Epilogue/Curtain Call - All

Who's Who

Along with several adaptations for the screen, large and small, Alice has been reimagined by Paramount Pictures, PBS, and in legendary comic books. You may have seen productions featuring many of Hollywood’s greats including: Cary Grant; Gary Cooper; W.C. Fields; Red Buttons; Shelly Winters; Sammy Davis Jr.; Johnathon Winters; Ernest Borgnine, and Jayne Meadows.

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